Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What Is, What Isn’t

It is a sunny winter afternoon
Back looks the ghost of year past
Floats the blind ghost of year present
Front looks the ghost of year after
Misery is in the eyes of ghost past
A thick veil hangs over ghost present
Terror blinds ghost future

It is a cold winter midnight
Back goes the ghost present
Replacing the ghost of past
Front comes the ghost future
In place for the ghost of present
Back goes the ghost past
To fill in for the ghost of future

Their creator says to its creator:

What’s between them is the significant gap

What isn't between them is dialogue


  1. very well has almost this rhyme like feel to it, those rhymes that children sing for fun but often have deeper meanings.talking of rhymes, maybe history doesnt repeat but it rhymes...

  2. Thank you, Nishkam. History rhymes itself is a rather valid notion...!


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