Monday, November 7, 2011

Birds, Fat Boys and Little Men!

What was I saying? Yeah! I forgot to take my Veracity Spectacles off.

Our ship was floating over miasma having entered earth’s atmosphere. Birds were sweeping down across right below us. In their claws clutched for prey were little men. Or was it? Some of them were fat boys. It was simplicity to assume they were captives clutched and dropped against their own volition. In actuality, some of them waved at us and even winked. The rest of them had they caught sight of the ship would have smiled, stuck their tongues out, grinned, put their fingers up or ground their teeth. These are essential human expressions as we’d come to learn and must be anticipated. But from such a state of euthanasia, it wasn’t. Birds persuaded little fat boys and men. Or was it the human pack? When the claws released them, dropping deep down below they exploded. Some of them were immobile but for the inertia of descent while others spinning all the way down to respective targets. The smoke was infuriating. The ship had its Armor Forther on, yet it shook a little. Birds abandoning their flight plunged into the madness below. I hadn’t slept the last day and I was so exhausted I slept with the spectacles on. The clouds would take their time before raining down a cascade of toxins. I had no intention of catching that sight. I’d much rather shut my system down and dream of harmless nightmares.

When I woke up, the ship was far away from earth’s atmosphere. Earth rendered uninhabitable by earthlings. That was what my console had to say. We’re sailing home to tend our own. It was sad we couldn’t do our planetarian work for Earth but it was solace to know I’d soon get to walk the dusty sands of my home planet.



  1. A totally different approach in Science fiction I suppose..  there is a difference and freshness in your writings and thoughts..!

  2. KP To an extent, perhaps.. Thanks for your appreciation!


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