Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Missing Finger

Toss it one way it drops limp. Toss it ‘nother way it stays stuck to the coiled rope. Can’t never get this gawdamn top spinnin. Set it spinnin at the tip of Luka’s finger, in the small of Bhagya’s back, on mine lil sis’ palm and much elsewheres, all just months ago. In a shor time if Ai learnt anythin substantial it’s that havin an intact right hand is vital and it matters much too much. And it’s no, no laughin matter strivin to be a lefty.

Am goin number one hans free. A croc, Ai thought barely a babe, bites mine finger off. If only I’d been more inquisitive about the rustle down ther. We were excursionin by the mudflat, bunkin class, pedalin five miles under a red hot sun, all for crave of pleasant weather. Used to ride ther every now and then.

Folks Muthu and Pencil Luka pledge they get the finger back. I have a phantom finger. And for a while I never miss the finger much. They think it could be sewn back up. Open the belly up, save for canes and cans it's spic-n-span, no trace of finger, they come back and say. Must haf been the wrong croc. Next time they go it’s past migration time. Turns out we excursioned much too early.

That time – You Make Do with What You Got – it comes. Folks say, when Ai grow up, without it Ai will super fail at foreplay. If that didn’t mean the play had everythin to do with four fingers, Ai got it, got 'em all, I say. No, no, they say, it’s finger specific. Be that as it may, if that ‘int a ruse may it be, Ai want to javelin before Ai go on to master anythin else.

They go wet if you tell them you throw javelin and wetter if you throw it so well. How Ai know it? Champ of the school and that gal from rooftop pick a random dark corner for chitty chat. Am ther all fours by the fell logs pickin roaches and frags for lab. Heard it from the filly’s mouth. Ai do a sprint and release the javelin off mine five-finger hand, it lands right behind me. Tha faks wrong with it.

Mind the language, Sammy, PEd says. Ai got to take time and show him Ai can spin the top with left as well with right, he says on, only then will he lemme access the equipment ‘gain. No danger to others, mind you, danger to mine own self, man goes on and on. Ai migh take time but am not one for givin up. All said, life would haf been half less busy if it wasn’t for the moment between the blind croc and mine bird finger.


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