Monday, October 31, 2011

Microviews: Belly to Brazil

Delhi Belly (2011)

There was one tiny fraction of a moment I really laughed out. Rest of the time I hoped (and hoped) it’s going to get better and it only drove me to the extremes of tedium. The plot was decent enough but the writing, execution and performances were awful (1.2/10). There was a “similar” film (I think it’s called American Bully. Or is it American Pee?) that was more daring and I (faintly) recall it to have had a few more moments.

The Hudsucker Proxy (1994)

It’s a miracle. The thought the Coens are capable of making a bad movie never has crossed my mind, leave alone something this bad (1.1/10). The one redeeming aspect of it is Jennifer Jason Leigh’s performance and even that grows thinner as it progresses because it’s all about Tim Robbins(’ character) who’s plain-as-blizzard miscast but even with the right casting, a shoddily conceived screenplay couldn’t have been saved from diving face first into a dry-as-a-bone pool.

Endhiran (2010)

Given our global overexposure, there’s nothing new here; yet, it feels overall almost original. One trouble with it is it’s overly commercialized which is a un-necessity (2.6/10). (Here the benefit of forward keys come in handy but can’t imagine catching it on silver screen where there isn’t such a provision). Another is it is written (or rewritten) for a star which is to say it’s deliberate on cashing in on the cult of personality which is in turn to say the audience can think meaning they cannot.

A Bittersweet Life (2005)

If you ask me, the rest of the moviedom must be inspired by Asian cinema and stop flat-out stealing from it. A tale of mobster morality and vengeance staged to perfection (9.4/10), it’s bloody gorgeous!

Shaitan (2011)

It may be an updation of Kashyap’s never-released Paanch (I couldn’t watch it past the first hour, blame it on the large miscasting and (dare I say) bad songs), but here the ensemble is aptly cast and the music benefits the aestheticity. The silent subplot, what some would call overindulgence, is poetic to me and makes perfect sense. Except for its one psychological cliché, it makes a good fusion of art house and commercial cinema (8.4/10).

Engeyum Eppodhum (2011)

The characteristics of the two female characters (played brilliantly by Ananya and Anjali), the portrayal of them, is very unique, and what with meticulous attention to minor characters that journey in two different buses that are about to collide, the screenplay soars (8/10). A minor quibble would be the presence of the song that involves shoulder elevations.

Ardh Satya (1983)

Some movies never age. Thanks to the ever evasive corruption, this movie remains relevant as ever. A film that’s been used template of sorts for cop flicks since its arrival, shades of it can be witnessed in Shaitan. The atmospheric recitation of the poem remains pivotal (9/10).

Brazil (1985)

Throw in British humor, add to it Gilliam’s inventiveness and if the end result isn’t a chariot of gold on fire that’d be too sad. What doesn’t work everywhere and every time (I’m thinking The Pythons) works here seamlessly (9/10).



  1. Seems like you were not totally immersed in bad movies, I liked the random list from "Belly to brazil" and unable to guess how u chose these.. :) and agree with what u meant with some of them, while with the others, I havent seen them..!!

  2. KP These are ones I've recently watched. There were some more, both good and bad... the choice of ones here was simply random.

  3. May be a random collection but most of them are good movies... 


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