Thursday, September 15, 2011

Microviews: X-Men to Alphaville

X-Men: First Class (2011)
Cliché, bad plotting, cliché, bad acting, cliché, one nice pyrotechnic, cliché, telling the same thing circularly (when it’s not even a parody of the franchise) makes a lot of money (?), more cliché. Verdict: Full of clichés, little meat. Score: 0.5/10

An alternative view by a five-year-old
The kids are cool (kid thinks he’s an adult), I mean it’s kick-ass (he gave Kick-Ass 12 outta 10), X & Man-eto remind me of Gand-elf and Saru-man (he’s yet to watch HP), can’t wait for its prequel (he means the prequel’s prequel), would’ve been cooler had there been broomstick-handling witches but, where was I, yeah like I said cannot wait for the HP-Toolight crossover. Verdict: Check the score. Score: 11.5/10

Salaam Bombay (1988)
The use of non-actors though not perfect is pretty decent and the moments of stark realism elevate an otherwise simple-minded screenplay to perfection thanks to character miscalculations and failings. So very good; 8/10

Samaria (2009)
Strange; youth, innocence, urban life, alienation, single parent, generation gap; occasionally poetic storytelling, takes good risks with regard to off-the-cuff ending. Verdict: Darn good, more arty than pop art. Score: 8/10

Mynaa (2010)
Good first half, brilliant second half except for the rushed final act which nonetheless is riveting, great camerawork and use of location, could’ve done away with the trite sad ending more (often than not) associated with Tamil new wave and/or been more original and less derivative. Verdict: Very good. Score: 7.5/10

Alphaville (1965)
A espionage & sci-fi satire, dystopian (yes, it’s derivative but cleverly), full of metaphors, exceptionally lighted, shot and edited, camera does whatzit called; yes, magic, good non-dialogue dialogues and moments, absurd, funny & profound. Verdict: Lemmy caution satisfaction (darkly or otherwise) guaranteed. Score: 9/10. p.s – Don’t blame yourself in case you fell in love with Anna Karina; I mean it needn’t always not happen


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