Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Gifted Ms Anything

She isn’t a bundle of perfection when comes to conniving a performance but she’s nothing short of naïve outright cleverness in that when gets asked, like last season, if she wasn’t obviously lip-synching she’d say she’s more a ventriloquist than a soprano.

This season she got fired while ventriloquizing a number emoting a contrary number.

No wonder you hear the rumor she’s going to be reading for X Y Z News.


  1. sri ram That's pretty solid an advice. Thanks for reading.

  2. Media world is never stable. One man's fortune becomes another man's misfortune; one man's approval becomes another man's disapproval. So, she has got to be very careful before opening her mouth.

  3. Oh, I missed that thought altogether...

  4. Saru Singhal Righto! That's one thing. There's another thing and that's reading lies like it's truth

  5. That would be better for her as it requires displaying either no emotions or plain smile..


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