Monday, September 5, 2011

Conscious Act Unconscious Donor

When it’s ten to two, a woman walks down deserted lane. In a dark corner, a man emerges from the shadows and grabs her hand. She doesn’t scream, nor is she afraid. It’s hard to say from here who’s gripping whose hand.

Behind them, two pairs of feet, one from each side, pace and close in on them. So many pairs of hands handle the man. Woman shoves in her jacket what looks like a Taser, and tags along. Little away stands a medic van. On it, it reads

Woman talks first: A good man needs a new heart. Man says: No way. We take what we need and take away what he doesn’t need. Nothing more nothing less. He wanted to get off on you. You got him, we got him. He gets out and consequently limps. That will bleeding be all

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