Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thus He Spoke

Have you ever seen a Rose shying away?

I have, in its morning glory.

It's no less glorious in the eventide.

In the dawn, when the sky is crimson, she blossoms from her bed fanning her delicate petals. A splendid spectacle; it's irresistible indeed.

In the garden, which I don't know if I own, I witness this rare flower in a corner each time breath held I walk in.

I know the secrets that she eclipses; I know it for I have once been the beloved of her mistreated, misbehaving kind.

It's an unquenchable desire I should be near her, having her in my arms or she having me in her arms.

I long to feel her nearness, the warmth of her breath. I get closer but not close enough for I fear the secrets.

I wince the moment I realize she also has thorns that equate to nothing else on earth.

Have you ever been stung by a Rose?

I have, in the worst twist of my lifeboat.

It's worse than any sting from hide.

It's an incomparable feeling to embrace her, hold her petals and breathe in her unique aroma.

She leaves me out of her grip, I feel the impact: I am scratched and pricked.

The sting of a scorpion is endurable, certainly not the one of a Rose.

Have you ever seen a gardener approaching a lovable flower apprehensively?

I have; it's a pity like no other. It's the dread of a man unloved.

I have my own fears in fact; it's a doubtful pursuit, as long as Rose has her thorns intact.



  1. That’s a nice compliment to have! This in fact was
    penned five odd years ago.

  2. Now this is radically different from your usual style. But a good read, nevertheless. :)

  3. Thank you for your kind words. Thanks for reading

  4. Thank you for dropping by and the appreciation

  5. Loved the flow. And such amazing choice of words! Beautiful! :)

  6. @Sushma Harish I'm glad to hear that. Thanks for your nice words. Will do likewise

  7. oh my my.. i read your blog peacefully today..many of them. such beautiful ones..great imaginations you have.
    do follow me back on http://sushmaspage.blogspot

  8. Saru Singhal Wouldn't know how to answer that except say wrote it one of those days pen & paper. Thank you for the appreciation.

  9. How you manage to write such things??? Beautiful...


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