Wednesday, August 3, 2011

That Which Drinks From Me

{It picked me out from the supermarket only because I plainly was“n’t even a sale” fifty bucks. I was having whale of a time until then dusty as I was}

{Hey, this is me talking. It’s a bad shutterbug, I know}

{I get to read every time it reads. Alright, I’m not complaining. Thing is more often than not it reads comic books from the nineties wherein I can’t help but notice chicks and dudes dressed or undressed so funny. I mean back when I was on the shelf I’ve seen better dressed or half dressed. All the same, they read just fine. So, again, I’m not complaining}

{You should know, I not only read, I read between the lines. So reading, I’ve gathered that which I own and call “it” is otherwise referred to as human and with so much reading I can only pity these earthlings called humankind. If there’s documentation that would make me feel different and make me want to call them good people, it’s not reading those so pardon if I’ve erred}

{What’s with those strange noises that pause every time it comes and leaves a beer bottle? I can’t help but wonder if that’s what they call cinema or... Someone make it understand I’m a mug, not a cup, for chilled drinks too so then I’d know what really those sounds are about. I can’t learn enough when I want to. How unfair, you think. Very, I add}


{Before my possession of its mind wears thin, let me say been nice talking to you}


  1. Thank you. Just some random picks, alright!
    {Clears throat} If I didn’t turn out like things want me to, I better make at
    least a decent librarian.

  2. Nice. Very creative :)
     And er... nice collection of books.

  3. Jitaditya Narzary That’d be absurd…but then – perhaps! Thank you
    for reading
    Arti {May that be mutual. I hope likewise, but then it,
    it’s flights of fancy and lack thereof..}

  4. The pleasure was entirely mine! Hope we meet again.. :P

  5. so the cup is waiting for godot???....

  6. Saru Singhal Thank you for your nice words. I'm glad

    SUB that's better. Thank you for reading

    deeps That sure might quiet the unquiet. Thanks for visiting

  7. Is that an empty cup ..oops..mug? maybe u got to fill its mouth :P

  8. nice listening to a cup...err...mug


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