Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Blindfolds & Cul-de-sacs

Much to the amusement of those onlookers, at the railway station, on tenterhooks we were waiting for a certain bus.

Weren’t honestly so much anticipating, only madly hoping. Wasn’t just the onlookers who had their jaws dropped when the bus arrived.

Recently a glider, we witnessed, landed on a roof & now this spectacle. Only a matter of time before such peculiar sightings become commonplace.

The ride was jam-packed so didn’t want to board the bus-train. Off the track away it rode like a boat against desert waves. Saw it & we were at sea, know.

Weren’t for the constant honking, middle of the road we’d sit & play rummy, munch snack & even nap. Walked to the bus station to catch a certain train.

Whatever happened to pedestrian walkways? Three paper bags full, sir, must be tourists to have asked that.

Overspill & stampede here, it appears we haven’t had those in a long damn long time. From where we come, they some kind of luxury?

Momentum & lack thereof, it’s too much traffic we might want to flatten the dividers & expand the roads.

When planning the city, they had a thing about bottlenecks, to blindly guess, they named the city after one Bottle Maker. Keeps the rioters & invaders at bay, see.

Posterity, anything but sympathetic to good old sentiments, chips away at the bottle about its neck and belly, recklessly & breakneckedly ride to the wrong end where it’s dead end.

It’d occurred to us if we rode around, somehow there must somewhere be an exit. So used to so-called exits, it’s one false exit after another.

We bump into others & before we know it, far from bumping into others, over & over bump into ourselves.

A sight not to miss is tens of us pushing the giant steel bogie. The train-bus is here on the road & wouldn’t bloody move so much as an inch.

Over there, off the track or not, passengers ride in a bus. Out here, isn’t all that easy to say what rides on what & what rides what.



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