Monday, July 18, 2011

When Dreams Bleed

‘You don’t treat a guest from another planet like that, you just don’t’ one man said to another. ‘If you’re desperate about it you can always ask nicely for it. You don’t want to send them wrong signals, especially on someone’s very first visit, you don’t.’ He ripped her clothes off and forced himself on her. That was what the other man did. Taking the advice, he went back and this man for no reason at all stood scratching his head. He heard a deafening scream and turned to see. The woman’s hands put together was one long double-edged blade and the other man had himself suspended on it guts out. She jerked her hands as if dusting off and her prey was flung across two corners in two pieces.

‘It’s you…I want you to ask me nicely’ woman said to man. The airbase wasn’t humid and hot as it was yesterday or the day before. His feet wanted to take flight but his mind wouldn’t take its signals. His skin began to leak like never before. He stood there paralyzed. ‘Don’t you see I’m all undressed up? Pants down, Man RK!’ Planet Arse beneath his feet began to sink. ‘All you’ve got to do is straight penetrate. You just don’t cross with this woman of Anus.’ With that said, she helped him penetrate. The cogs between her legs began to spin. He began to scream and bleed through his nose. Soon, his loin was flattened. ‘Did you have your sex reversed? How funny is that?’ Like a pipe sans faucet blood shot from his genital stump.


Veda awoke bathed in sweat. Her blanket weighed heavy on her and underneath it she felt wet. First things first! Head spinning, she ran to the bath with the bloodstained sheets and with herself. She felt as though her old self was still in bed, the person detergenting water someone else, although it felt funny, someone new, someone out of control. ‘In case it happens, these are the preliminaries you will do well to keep in mind…’ her sister-in-law had told her. ‘You don’t let anyone know it happened while you’re still there. Have your backup pills for cramps and pads, when in pain imagine your hands were severed and imagine excruciating pain. You don’t even tell it to your mother while there. You never know she might give into her old-fashioned elders. You don’t want to be showcased to the entire town that the daughter of our home has come of age and is ready to mate. You don’t want to go through the trauma your childhood friends go through.’

Spic and span she washed the clothes and herself and restlessly padded herself. At breakfast, she couldn’t keep her favorite dish down but pushed herself to. After she did the same for lunch, she threw up inside a locked door. She couldn’t read, she couldn’t watch a film, she couldn’t keep her mind on one single thing. The next evening, she visited the backwater called Bildungsro Man with her friend Kumari. ‘I feel like I’m torn between two personalities—’ one girl said to another ‘—a girl and a woman, neither here nor there.’ She said it all to a friend she trusted the most. She felt relieved telling it. ‘I won’t tell anyone’ her friend said holding hands. ‘I wouldn’t have felt bad even if you’d told me over the phone after going back to the city.’ She kept very little down for dinner. Later in the night, sitting in a corner, clutching her belly, she cried her heart out. There were three more days left in the village for her to endure. Two more nights she told herself. She double-padded herself and went to bed.


‘Why become like this…like you’re someone’s nightmare’ one woman said to another. ‘Wasn’t my fault’ she pled not guilty. ‘It was one bloody thing led to another.’ ‘You’re a trespasser’ the judge accused her. ‘You’ve breached the bond between us and the men of Arse. We had them name our planet; we named them like they wanted. They have us for slaves; we have them for our slaves. The slaves mate on all fours, this is how we breed. The privileged among us mate on twos and once in a while one forces itself on another.’ ‘Once in a while?’ whispered ten thousand voices. ‘Order’ yelled the judge banging the bell, and continued. ‘You had someone force itself on you, yes, that they do not deny. You in turn forced yourself on not only your perpetrator, had its companion castrated too. Had you not, they would’ve been obliged to execute the perpetrator. As it is, we are obliged to execute you and that is justice for all. Since you’ve damaged two men ranked RK, your sentence shall unimaginably be unwholesome’. ‘I’d rather not exist at all than exist in this baseborn of an existence’ she screamed as she was led out of court. ‘It’s not uncommon, do you not know’ the priest tried to pacify her. ‘When you’re broken in this world you wake up anew in another.’ ‘Someone cut this load of crap’ interrupted a commoner. ‘Stop making angels out of demons.’

A slave woman gnarled at a slave man. They bounced on each other and rolled on the ground. When she was back up on all fours, he came circling around her and smelled her behind. Then he mounted on her and began to thrust his hips. When done, they fed on the spilled guts, liver and the rest and lapped up on a river of blood. Out in the open, she had her limbs tied and pulled apart in two directions. Her heart was preserved in the hall of Died Here, Lived Elsewhere. Over here, Veda awoke to her darkest night and never managed to fall back asleep that night. She kept drinking water for the rest of night and kept it down off and on until it was dawn for a brand new day.


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