Thursday, July 28, 2011

His First Defeat

There’s virtually nothing that Manickam couldn’t do. He just recently helped capture two corrupt undercover cops of his panchayat. Right at this moment, he is in the zoo un-teething a two-hour-old cadaver. He’d feed it to the lioness when this craft of his is complete. His accomplice comes and tells him. He’s rather cut short before he begins.

Why is it that, Rafeek, you’re good at nothing and why is that I end up doing everything you’re bad at?

The accomplice scratches his cheek and tells.

This youngness I couldn’t shoo off wants to see you right away. Looks like we’re neck deep in thick soup.

Highness rolls the bracelet up his arm, blinks hard twice and feels his contacts. She’s already here clearing her throat. He knocks the molars out and pulls the dental speculum off.

She’s not undercover, brightness. Our clientele, insha Allah! First you collect the teeth, bury them in the pit, leave the pit be. Let the lion out and in its cage, then and only then the boars. Don’t you mess it up like last time!

She stands offish leaning by the tree, takes a call and swears the first word. Highness comes to her.

Everything all right? Guy broke a heart, I broke his head. Nothing personal.

She clears her throat.

Excuse me.

Oh! Fact is he opened her chest as she still breathed, cut her heart out, squeezed it with his foot. Caught half way eating it. Got out with influence.

She clears throat again.

Didn’t work out. Sweetness wouldn’t go down first thing on me much as he wants me to. Gave it ‘nother shot after twelve hours. Same thing – wouldn’t go down first thing much as wants me to. We broke up. Didn’t get what I wanted. Can’t blame you, it’s him.

Sweetness is a good kid. That he knew. There’s no reason why he wouldn’t want to please Youngness like she wants him to. There’s no reason why he shouldn’t. There’s a reason he wouldn’t stay married long if he ever did marry. There’s a reason there should be turbulence if he did. Ever since he got married, unlike him, Brightness wasn’t himself. It’s time to seek replacement while he’s still unconsciously not given away. Old accomplice could shift to a sober job. Highness is thinking.

Can’t see why. Don’t know why not. Thought the kid was good… is good at everything else he does.

She isn’t mad except a little upset. It’s happened before, might happen again. Highness may want to hook her up with ‘nother lad except he isn’t certain.

Leaving town. Can’t stand it here. Nice setup this, by the way, here owning the zoo and all.

Highness will live to sixty-five, plus or minus five years behind bars, and mete out blind justice until fifty-five. He will face a handful of defeats in the time to come but this one he will much fondly remember than the rest. Youngness sought after him… she wanted to get laid was all.



  1. Saru Singhal That's so nice of you to say. Thank you very much.

  2. After reading your post, the only thing that comes to my mind is- You are genius with words...


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