Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dusted Time

Love, in its essence being give and take, loved more every time it gave and took a little less and Time, lacking in its being simultaneity, over time, timed more or less the former a bathos. Love, over time, hated itself and doubted its very existence. Thus time and time again, love came and went and never stayed. Time loved set love timed!

After a day’s shift, she would come and knock, instead of the door, the window and enter the house through it. It puzzled him at first and then he was amazed to know there was much thrill in the oddness of it all. She knew well enough to tackle the boredom of cohabitation.

She left home through the roof. She walked the roof on her back on all fours and then walked backward on the wall. Walking it, she observed a Rangeress observing her. She landed on the path and ran so fast the law-keeper couldn’t keep up with her. The law knocked the door and inquired Colum if everything inside was in place mentioning an odd exit and a runner. He said, holding his laughter by its tail, that ‘She does that’ and it’s not because ‘she’s mad or anything’ but because ‘she’s madly in love than anything.’

Alefor when snorted or sublingualed, being the dust of time, breaks the time barrier causing simultaneity. Looked through the hourglass, worn as spectacles, the optic nerves connect and the mind of the observer transports itself into a timeless sphere, inside soul out of body.

The downside of this is the subject witnesses the other’s life. Harli observes and it is Colum’s life. From an ovum’s clutch of a random sperm to his hand caressing her face, all that is of him, every single piece of his existence, all that he will not remember, all that he will, all there as one single absolute moment.

One of those days, Colum was buying wood to carve her matryoshka dolls a shelf and beside him was a young lady. He struck a conversation with her and they walked together. It looked to an onlooker that one was courting the other. Harli arrived there having looked around for him and stood there. Colum said to his companion: ‘You’re a fine lady and all…

Downside two is that she can never show it all to him. He will see if he dares to, but only her life.

Colum said to his companion: ‘You’re a fine lady and all but this lady front of us who’s craving for my attention is finer and you shouldn’t take it to heart if at this very moment I eloped with her.’ A rush of blood lit up Harli’s face and wide-eyed she took his hand that he extended toward her. And run they did. The once-a-companion stood there baffled. The Rangeress who was witnessing all this approached and told her that ‘They do that’ and that it’s because ‘they’re mad and in love.’

Downside three is the mind of the participant shifts back to the mundane once Alefor wears off leaving the experience to be assailed by mood swings. The moods, guided by Time, guide what to make of what. She knows and knows better, only not all the Time.

xxxxxxx (here the scroll was illegible)

Hand in hand they danced, strings stemming from their flesh and bones, anchored to the ground in eight cosmic directions. This is how it looked to glimpse from the outside. Like puppets they danced and dance they did to eternity. Lips locked, overwhelmed, sex locked, in slow passion, uroborosly entwined, lost to oneself found in the other, sex unlocked, wasted, replenished, transfixed, exhausted, underwhelmed, found in the other lost to oneself they lived, all things considered, ever happily fairly after.


The above narration is an excerpt from ‘Dust and Time’ found while swimming in the Idea Space


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