Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pure Hazard

Are we living in a media-made world of fiction questioning not its contradiction?

Are we being sold to the unsympathetic corporate policymakers whose goal is greatest production gain at lowest cost?

Who are these people and why do they seek their wealth at the cost of our health?

Whoever they are, it would appear they have grown quite clever by turning quick poisoning to slow unleashing it into our swimming and drinking water.

Germans hold Brits during WW-I with poison gas – the component in their gas, concentrated or not, being chlorine. A classic example of quick poisoning – leads to deaths of one hundred.

You hold a glass of pure water – the component in your water, diluted or not, being chlorine. A classic example of slow poisoning – leads for instance to respiratory illness, bladder/rectal cancer.


  1. How about trying your hand at writing a short post story on Elder abuse? Pl see discussion in Indiblogger Forum. Thanks  

  2. Dr Vyasamoorthy Sure will see.  


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