Monday, May 16, 2011



Two Well-to-do's at Conversation

‘My friend white,’ begins the chap, ‘do you really need to do this?’ ‘There isn’t anything else,’ answers the friend, ‘my friend brown.’ ‘This had better be worth the sweat of my brow.’ With his saying that, friend white gets down to drawing of the circle.

Few hours ago at the comfort of home, they’re rocking in their wicker rocking chairs. ‘Oil’ lets out friend brown a high-pitched utter. ‘Where, where’ stammers friend white arising involuntarily from his comfort incliner. The mother brings bottled coconut oil.

‘You pour drops into the navel pit,’ says brown, ‘it takes off body heat.’ ‘You try it too. These summers have a knack of getting through to our sedentariness.’ ‘I wish I could order around there like this,’ says white taking the bottle, ‘but it is, dear pal, human rights violation.’ ‘Oh! really, and ordering your enemy is not?’ poses brown a question. ‘When that enemy himself is a violator, not’ defends white his stance.

‘Things have changed, my friend’ points brown. ‘No, they haven’t’ counterpoints white. ‘Things have and haven’t, is more like it’ admits brown. ‘It was white man sending forth black and white men to…whatever you call it…yeah, liberate. Now it’s down to black man sending forth black and white men for same.’

‘Isn’t it time you told me about the oil spot you were telling me about?’ probes white. ‘I will, I will. What are you going to do about it?’ responds brown. ‘I will test the site and when I know it’s worth the risk I will call the ministry and, voilà, we will be a few inches richer and you will be emancipated’ reveals white. ‘Wait, wait...why do we need emancipation?’ quizzes brown. ‘Mommy oppression to begin with and then there are the female feticide and the sex reassignment absent of infant consent’ clears white air. ‘These are cases you can count on one hand. The way I see it, people out here are more emancipated than people out there’ wonders brown. ‘You’re wrong, dear pal. Media will be here and you know how good they’re at inflating frivolities to dizzying proportions. Before they arrive, your family will be back there from the vacation here. All will be well’ persuades white.

Friend white stands inside the circle he made. Before he puts the mask on, he lets out a jubilant cry, and says ‘Wish us good luck, dear friend brown,’ and masks his face, to which brown says ‘Dear friend really look like a terrorist holding a driller instead of...know what I mean, I wish you well’. White acknowledges with a nod and begins to drill around him.


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