Wednesday, April 20, 2011


In a chamber of heart cells collate She unmakes the alleyways of Suecity A Stroke poetess making up nonwords to undo a spell of alphabet cast on her mentation by her dada Streets hide the ways out Sewers mark them She dines at the monochrome eat-out Red white…lives march forth She brings the map to life A clutter of lines Means you're lost A distant memory of The Shining springs to her mind No one knows they’re in it except her Didi a voice calls She Kubrick Stares at a beggar girl Gives the map to her Keep it Don’t you be like me Here’s a road to Hierarchy There’s a road to Somewhere Vessel forks A piper with an LCD for head marches past A flock of girls and boys tag along Oh I’m fourteen Tell me what I want I’m sixteen You want a beauty kit You want a girl to quit Follow me I’ll tell you more A wooden top buzzes as it spins It is her head Vessels fork Why have someone to tell you what you want The boy is drinking pizza I want one of those kits No You tell me then I can’t No How can I The top meets its inertia The boy spins it before he rushes to the crowd It buzzes once again A man doffs his hat Could you have seen a mendicant pass this way They conspire to overthrow hierarchy She is the key Open a labyrinth If you want my ID He hangs his tongue out and lets it curl Undercover a tattoo reads She blended in with the  map...with the crowd The man dons his hat Closes his eyes Presses his temple with a finger Where he was is a void A Peekapoo smells pussycat There will be hurdle for anarchy The boy with a piece of rag in his back pocket runs for his life From behind the counter the girl emerges a leaf bathed in dew The Peekapoo hits its head against a pole She takes the map back tears it in two chews a half swallows Digestion begins She is vessels elastic The boy now is chased by a damsel in heat What remains of the girl’s rag is burning at the back of the eatery That girl…That girl I was her She’s stared at quizzically I was you Like you were I'd lost it Time for me to go Your time will come Be here now They dilate Curtain lifts smoke clears A certain somebody to a nobody He makes love to a pariah BREATHE she says...EASY Ink from the map seeps Words disperse gray letters transpose into bloodstream ooze

Hierarchy                                chary archer heir                                   Anarchy was here

Nowhere                                                  no here how nere now here      

Somewhere                            more me womeh                                    She wore anarchy

In a chamber of heart cells collate Red white…lives march forth Vessel forks »to« vessels fork »to« a labyrinth She is vessels elastic…blood pristine she is Silently within and to herself they constrict Suecity  doesn't know it or feel as it has one of those little quiet strokes

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