Saturday, April 16, 2011

At Once

I am yours because you bought me. Hmm—
Huh—. Yeah, you bought me and I am yours, only you cost me twice as much as I cost you. Why was that?
To dad, a woman is twice a man if she can raise a kid and be independent. He thinks I am…rightly so…and perhaps I am.
I am not like I cannot rise above what is man. Did I tell you seventy percent of my dowry was the wife loan I owe the bank? Now I am to work the next half decade just so that I could pay it.
I’m not saying I won’t share that load of yours.
Burden you on my account? That wouldn’t be like me.
That’d be no reason for you to sit back and watch me raise the kid.
Kids! I want twins. Let’s make babies once and let it be twice.
You’re mine because I bought you.
I bought you and you’re mine. Yeah, this is different. You make it sound like I’m your slave.
You sound the same to me. We severed our joints to our families, for what, to be free and just with each other, only to form another joint. Ironic!
At once master and slave. Ironic!
Do you feel relieved?
I do. Do you feel burdened?
I do feel both. Ironic!
I wish I had two hearts to beat and a man’s shadow to cast.
Ahhh…hmmm…ahhh…ahhh…I don’t think I could go any…ahhh…more tonight.
Huhhh…I came twice. On a hectic day, thrice would be upping the ante.
(Yawns) I like it you don’t fake it.
Hold me…some more. Yahhmm…
You cheeky bastard. (Yawns)

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