Saturday, February 12, 2011



Know this that a city lives on its illusions and it is the illusions that feed on its host and never is it the other way round. You will find a girl. She’s so ugly inside she wants to hear told to that she is beautiful. It is not there where the root of the crisis lies. You are so bad inside you want to hear told to you are good. There’s no excuse if you want the golden rule applied both ways. You have got to kiss, if you were to, heart and soul, that one person who hates you most. You can call what’s between you love. No foul there because it’s a collective feeling. What you think true and real, as it were, always are sinister. The longer it takes for that fact to dawn on you the longer you remain in a relationship. It is a place you can thrive in only if you are good at wearing the mask of charade around you. You have got to be, again, so good at it because those you will come across, rest assured, are so. You don’t want to be told no to, not at a rate that will crush your spirits. So, son, put that mask on and smile…a lot. You will find there those who have shed their masks. They are the counterculture. Do avoid them like plague. They grew wary of what they once were part of. They are a cliché with their own delusions of grandeur. In positing what came first between the two, like between egg and chicken, there is only amusement to be had and no definitive answer. Suffices to say culture and counterculture are two sides of the same coin. I am not saying you will not grow wary of the culture. All I am saying is you will, similarly, grow wary of the counterculture were you to choose it. Favored or no, when comes down to it, they are all just people. You can pick what you think fits you fine. Wherever you are, remember this, even if it is at crossroads, be your own man. To live so, truly, is to live at your own peril but then it’s no pleasure if it doesn’t come after pain.

Wishing you the Pyrotechnics of Life
Your dear father

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