Sunday, January 30, 2011


Imagine a cave-dwelling prehistoric family. Woman says to man Butcher go tribe for. He wields a weapon made of wood and stone, says to her You go with no me now. Why that? She says Cubs small now too. I go, they grow too. He mutters as he strolls toward cave’s mouth I care take of too cubs can. A crowd about to turn a swarm waves him. They’re gathered around a bush that is totem. A woman gestures to hush when someone in the crowd remarks how the man approaching is turning into a chicken. The silence impeccable falls over the hill.

Imagine a palace-dwelling royal family. Queen says to king You do it to create one unified country. King says It’s always one more province. This never ends. She hands him the herbal potion, says There are a few more. You conquer them and be forever remembered. You can seek Buddha if you want and become Buddha yourself. Once you unify, that is. Diplomats seek audience with the king. The courtyard rises to its feet. The violence to ensue will turn the king an emperor.

Imagine a defense-dwelling modern family. Wife says to husband How do you say you’ll be played for a puppet? He says I’m not too sure what they say coming is a just war. I could be flying to drop a nuclear warhead and not know it until it’s too late. I’m resigning and that’s final. She crushes the paint catalog, tosses it at him, says I should’ve known your Kafka…PKD obsession wasn’t mere reading. You’re a ball of paranoia. Know that! Your EGOISTIC COWARDICE amazes me. A feeling unnamed wraps around him. The siolence victim—humiliated to an extent—wishes he were dead.


  1. anoop remesan  Thank you very much for reading and commenting. I'm glad it had you fascinated. Thanks for being appreciative.

  2. Man this is just awesome!!! amazing write up!! loved the siolence in all three cases...its really fascinating :D


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