Friday, January 21, 2011


There’s a dog that’s circling at your gate like a cat just gave birth she says into her mic. What do I do?

She turns her phone to capture that movement. See that?

But... he says glancing at the screen. Hang on. He smiles to the interface as he rushes to her window.  In return, she’s not smiling at all. No he says. No dog there, honey.  Just someone looking for her lost car key?

Right she says. That someone is the dog and…it’s your ex. What do I do?

Really… he says. …You just met me an hour ago. We switched homes. And I'm not supposed to meet you for the next twelve hours and we aren’t. You do go ahead and deal with it. I’ve got nothing to be afraid of.

One hundred feet is the distance between the two homes. Outside where the boulevard is a signboard in a corner reads Residence Spouses Independence. Inside where the souls rest a chiseled clock face says 2012. The calendar beside displays February 13, 2031.


  1. And I enjoy absurdity always!
    Good work... will be here again soon.


  2. Surely you do! Be sure you're welcome any time

    Regards, and thanks again


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